Aaron Stokes: OEM repair info as ‘stop-loss’ insurance

By Richard Diegle

Aaron Stokes is the founder of Shop Fix Academy, owner and operator of five auto repair shops, and the radio show host of “Fixin’ Cars with Aaron Stokes” on Nashville’s 99.7. 

Richard Diegle of ALLDATA recently met with Stokes to talk about OEM repair information, protecting your shop, where the industry is headed, and more. Here’s an excerpt from that interview.

Richard Diegle: If saving time throughout the workflow is a key profit driver for shops, how exactly do you calculate the value of that time savings?

Aaron Stokes: I think that a lot of repair shops try to go about calculating the savings [but] I don’t think you can. I think you have to instead look at the possibility of loss. And the possibility of loss is so great if a technician does something wrong, why in the world you would ever risk that is beyond me. 

There are too many brands, too many models, too many new pieces of technology coming out. And if we don’t get that exactly right …