Cover Stories

Keeping customers happy despite market challenges

By John Yoswick Given the combination of business conditions collision repairers currently face, it can be even more of...

A Look Back at 2022

Notable Industry Quotes From The Past Year By John Yoswick This past year has been marked...

Collision industry stats, views and news from 2022

By John Yoswick With many body shops swamped with work — the backlog of scheduled work at shops nationwide...

Keeping An Eye on Insurers

Auto insurance-related trends impacting the collision repair industry By John Joswick More than three decades after...

Finding New Ways to Hire

Where is your body shop’s next employee coming from? By John Yoswick Nearly every state is...

The Best States for Shops

Collision repairers face varying conditions depending on where in the U.S. they are located By John Yoswick

Auto Repair Lawsuit Round-up

Suing adjusters personally, employee pay methods, data theft among industry court cases By John Yoswick From...

Stop Reinventing the Wheel

Collision repair shops share ideas others may want to implement in their business By John Yoswick

Industry Stats and Trends

Collision repairers seeing fewer totals, longer backlogs of work, more labor hours per repair job By John Yoswick

Lawmakers at Work

Legislation related to the industry on the table in states around the country By John Yoswick