Cary Car Care

By Robert Bravender

How did Paul Lambdin get into auto repair? Water skiing…or rather, the dearth of job prospects in water skiing. Fresh out of high school he was a natural at being hauled behind a boat at great speed. However when work at the now-defunct Cypress Gardens in Florida failed to pan out, he took a job at a Goodyear Tire store. As for the rest…well, he founded Cary Car Care in Cary, N.C. 

“I always raced go-carts and motorcycles and built odds and ends,” Lambdin explained, “and the mechanics end of it had always been huge for me and came naturally. So I turned wrenches professionally for a few years and then was service manager for a variety of independent Goodyear stores, and then my associate and I decided to go into business in the late ’80s/early ’90s.”

However, despite the aptitude for aquatic sports, Lambdin was reluctant to…