What Multiple-Shop Owners Are Thinking…

And What Single-Location Shops Can Learn From It

By John Yoswick

Whether you’re a single-location shop owner, or a multi-shop operator (MSO), and whether you’re looking to buy or sell a shop  — or just remain at your company’s current size  — you’re likely able to learn something from those in one of those other categories. From OEM certifications to dealing with ADAS, and thinking about growth or exit strategies, some issues cross the spectrum of collision repair businesses.

Though the sources for what follows are those involved in MSOs, what they have to say could prove valuable to the single-location shop owner as well.

Limited return on OEM certifications

Like many single-location shop owners, MSOs generally say they have seen a mixed return (at best) on their investment in automaker shop certifications  — so far.

Steve Kelly, chief operations manager for Mike Rose’s Auto Body in the San Francisco Bay Area, said his company doesn’t have many OEM certifications, but …